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Moving House - Buying and Selling

How It Works

The stages are the same as for buying and selling, but the key difference is in the timing. Typically your buyer will be selling their current house to somebody who is also selling. And your seller will be buying a house from somebody who is also buying. And so the chain continues.

Everybody will want to move on the same day, otherwise somebody is going to end up with the hassle and expense of moving twice. The key thing is to make sure it isn’t you!

Our Services

There is no way of guaranteeing a simultaneous move - it simply depends on too many people being competent, diligent and straightforward.

However there are things we can do to protect your interests:

  • We move fast to identify any weaknesses in your chain from Day 1
  • We keep pressure on your buyer’s and seller’s solicitors, even when things appear to be going well
  • If it looks as if you’re going to suffer a staggered move through no fault of your own, we reopen price negotiations to ensure that you are at least compensated for the inconvenience and expense. Amazingly, when we do this the problem often suddenly disappears!
  • We can’t promise you a simultaneous move, but we can promise to be your tough negotiator

Our Fees

We offer a small discount if you instruct us on both a purchase and a sale, and they proceed simultaneously: please discuss with our team.

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