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Moving House - Selling

The system for selling a house (or flat or other property) has three stages:

Stage 1: Pre-contract

Your buyer deals with preliminary matters like obtaining a mortgage, surveying the property, conducting searches and asking you questions. How long this stage takes will depend on how ready your buyer is, and on whether any complications come to light. Either party can pull out during this stage without any penalties or compensation

Our Services

  • We provide you with straightforward forms to complete to make sure we have all the information we need for a smooth transaction
  • When you return the forms we work in your interest by carefully examining the information and warning you of any possible problem areas
  • Once we are satisfied that we have collected all the necessary information, and identified and planned for any difficulties, we prepare a pack for the buyer’s solicitors. This pack consists of the draft contract, copy Land Registry entries, a fixtures and fittings list, your property information form, the entire planning history of the property and any guarantees
  • From that point onwards we negotiate the terms of the contract for you with the buyer’s solicitors. Apart from saving you time, doing it this way protects you from making any unintended commitments and ensures you have an experienced person fighting your corner if the buyer’s team introduces any difficult requirements
  • While this is going on we keep you informed regularly of progress, and immediately if any matters arise that could be a cause of concern

Stage 2: Exchange

Once the pre-contract work has been successfully dealt with, contracts are exchanged and a date is fixed for Stage 3. From this point onwards, both you and your buyer are legally committed to the transaction

Our Services

  • We handle the arrangements with your buyer’s solicitors to make sure the exchange of contracts is smooth, prompt and legally effective
  • If you have a mortgage, we obtain a redemption statement from your lender
  • If you are using an estate agent, we advise them of the sale
  • We collect the deposit from the buyers. (We are required to hold this until completion)
  • We prepare a completion statement advising you how much money will be left over after completion
  • We send you in good time a checklist for all the matters you need to think about in planning for a smooth departure (post redirection, council tax, TV licence, Register of Electors and so on)

Stage 3: Completion

You hand over the keys. You will need to have finished everything – having your meters read, clearing the house of all your belongings and so on – by about 1.00 pm.

Our Services

  • We receive the sale proceeds, redeem any mortgage, pay the estate agents and ourselves, and account to you with the balance.

Full details of our fees, our terms of trade and the whole selling process are in a letter that we will send if you contact us.

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