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Remortgaging is repaying your existing mortagage and replacing it with a new one. There are two main reasons for doing this:
To save money – lenders sometimes offer better deals to new borrowers than to existing ones, and by switching lender you can take advantage of this.
To raise capital – as your house price rises it can be used as security for additional borrowing, for example to purchase a second home or to extend your existing one.

Our Services

Whatever the reason for your remortgage, we will use our long experience to help the transaction to a swift, satisfactory and economical conclusion.

Full details of our fees, our terms of trade and the whole process are in a letter that we will send if you contact us.

In addition you can expect:
Land Registry registration fee (Scale 2)
Land Registry search fee
Local authority, environmental and bankruptcy search fees (depending on lender)
Bank charge for redeeming existing mortgage.

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