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Transferring Equity

Transfer of equity is when the ownership of property changes without a sale. It happens when, for instance:

  • Someone gets married and wants to put their new spouse onto the property title
  • Parties are splitting up and one is buying the other out
  • Someone has died and the effect of their will is that the property is transferred in some way without a sale
  • Someone decides to give part of their property to their children, e.g. for Inheritance Tax saving reasons

Our Services

We will use our long experience to help the transaction to a swift, satisfactory and economical conclusion.

Full details of our fees, our terms of trade and the whole selling process are in a letter that we will send if you contact us.

In addition you can expect to pay Land Registry search fee and Land Registry registration fee:
If no money changes hands, Land Registry registration fee (Scale 2) applies
Otherwise the higher rate of Land Registry registration fee (Scale 1) applies.

The transaction could be liable to Land Tax in some circumstances, even though the transfer is not a purchase in the normal sense of the word; we will advise you about this once we know the circumstances.

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